UFO Encounters & Alien Beings (Full)

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Invasion UFO Encounters and Alien Beings: Discover the early history of UFOs and meet the pioneers that forged it.
Classic uncut broadcasts highlight this presentation which includes the original radio news broadcasts about the Roswell Incident, the Washington DC 1952 UFO incidents, the famous 1942 Battle for Los Angeles UFO incident, the Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting, the Michigan Police Chase and Swamp Gas UFO incidents of 1966, the McMinnville, Oregon, UFO incident and the Exeter, NH, UFO sightings. Included are interviews with Al Chop, a former Pentagon Spokesperson who commented on the 1952 Washington, DC, UFO flap; Richard Hall, Don Berliner and Donald Keyhoe of NICAP; James Moseley; the Mikem Wallace interview with Donald Keyhoe and much more including comments from Scientists, Engineers and Astronomers on both sides of the issue.

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